Fraser Strength & Co.

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Combining group fitness & adventure lifestyle to create a one of a kind fitness experience

Fraser Strength & Company is an fitness company for the wild ones, nature addicts and outdoor enthusiasts. We aim to bring purpose to your everyday fitness, creating not just a fitness facility, but a community of adventurers who live for those experiences that make them feel alive.

We are a community who thrive on those rich experiences. We believe that you should be able to dedicate yourself to fitness with passion, adventure without limitation, and goals wilder than your imagination.

At the Fraser Strength & Co. facility, you will find group fitness options to compliment your life. We run CrossFit, rowing classes, spin classes, biking classes, rock climbing, strength training and yoga. Additional to these classes we run adventure activities four days a week. Our trainers are also your adventure guides. We lead groups of adventurers hiking, rowing, city and mountain cycling, and rock climbing. We get fit with a purpose, to lead a wild and adventurous life.

This was a concept project and is currently for sale. Email me for more information.


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