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Gun It Incorporated was looking to create a movement and define itself as a premier fitness studio. Brett McCaughey and her group of trainers are on a mission to improve their athletes lives through group fitness. Gun It Incorporated empowers its members to be more adventurous, more outgoing, more motivated, and live in a healthier mindset. Our mission was to build a brand that communicated these values and encouraged people to get involved in this great community of athletes.


Strategy & Research
Brand Positioning
Customer Profile
Style Discovery
Logo Design
Brand Identity
Brand Collateral
Art Direction
Web Design
Social Media

Defining a brand - Discovery, Positioning & Customer Profiles

During the initial discovery session we obtained “Clarity and Alignment”. This was done by reviewing the business as a whole and setting goals for the project. In the discovery phase we uncovered the ideal customer, the brands' attributes (look, sound & feel), the customer journey, our impact on the customers (tangible & intangible), and audited the competition to understand the brandscape. We also completed a customer survey. This was done to see how the current clients were using the webpage and their thoughts on the services and facilities. From this, we had an inside track on what was working, as well as what can be improved upon. Membership satisfaction was already very high, but there is always room for improvement.

From our discovery session, the stage had been set for creative work. Stylescapes (advanced moodboards) are created to get buy-in for the direction of the project. From the customer profiles and brand attributes, we created three stylescapes to represent the brand (Spicy, medium, mild). The stylescapes give a taste of the visual style the brand may live in. By experimenting with the logos and icons, messaging, typographic systems, print examples, advertising examples, and interior photos, we are able to get a glimpse into what our brand will look like. The approved stylescape is intended to be a compass for creation.

The following is the agreed-upon stylescape in which we began to direct our project.

Approved Stylescape - Adventurous | Active | Health
Building a brand - Brand Identity System, Logo, Mockups, Web Development

We designed the Gun It Incorporated visual identity from the ground up, capturing the company's excitement in a new logo and brand style guidelines. We built them a highly effective website that is easy to navigate and helps new customers to sign up. It is now easier to get information regarding different membership options and what to expect from the gym itself. We sent in a professional photographer to capture the spirit and community in the gym, and the results speak for themself! See the brand identity system below.

The payoff - OUTCOMES & MORE

Since the beginning of our engagement gym memberships have increased by 20%. Brett has a better understanding of her members and their needs. She is more confident in presenting her brand in the public and more actively engaged in the community. Brett, her team, and her customers are sporting new merchandise showing off their new identity with pride. Brett is more active on social media, as well creating new promotion offerings. Gun It Inc will look to grow into its new brand as it takes steps to reaches new athletes.


Special thanks to Brett and her team for working with me on this project! It was a tonne of fun building this brand from the ground up.

Visit the live web page

Photography: Rachel Dietz

Mockups: Mr.Mockup

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