Hawk Tail Brewery

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Discovery + Packaging + Web Design

Capturing the sentiment of the wild Alberta prairies in a craft beer brand.

Hawk Tail Brewery is an Alberta craft brewery based out of Rimbey. Max Goodwin Design Company was approached by the Hawk Tail owners to help craft a brand that embodies the natural wild sense found in the Alberta prairies. Through a discovery process, we were able to create an identity that resonated with the owners and was truly unique to its origins.

Hawk Tail Brewery has been pouring pints since December 2018, and Max Goodwin Design has been there each step of the way. In the beginning, we honed in the look by producing a signature can design that would represent its core beers. Since then we have produced four signature series label designs and eight labels for monthly small batch creations.


Packaging Design
Label Design
Web Page

Project Team

Max Goodwin Design Co.
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Owner buy-in on brand style
4 Signature Can Labels
8 Small Batch Can Labels
Increased customer pride
Increased brand awareness