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My strategic approach on design clarifies purpose, inspires loyalty and elevates your business to stand above the crowd.

More than a designer,
but a partner to reach your business goals!

Each project starts with an open heart and curious mind. Throughout initial discovery phase we begin to understand your brands needs, who you are, and who your customers are. We need to dig deep and break ground on what makes you truly unique. From there we can build a visual identity that expresses your brands values and purpose in a way that will resonate with your customers. I create designs for the client and their customers, not for myself.

plan + ideation + presentation


Uncovering what truly makes your brand unique. Developing a positioning platform in which you brand can grow and thrive upon.



Explore options and find a style speaks your brand DNA. Creating a visual language that speaks beyond your voice.



Crafting a digital experience that expresses your brand identity. Creating an online storefront that is memorable and tailored to your businesses requirements.



I help business grow by crafting beautiful identity systems and thoughtful experiences for brands and their customers.


Hello! I am about to launch my blog very soon! Aren't you excited as I am? But honestly, very excited to share stories, learning, best practices, and processes along the way. I am excited to see how this evolves along the way, and hopefully you are able to get some value from my content! In the meantime check out my creations and thoughts on social media and design platforms. Cheers, beers and many years!





About ME
PRESEnt - 2017

Owner | Creative Director


Marbella, Andalucia

2019 - 2017



Marbella, Andalucia

2017 - 2008

Bridge Construction Inspector


Edmonton, Alberta

Hello, I'm Max, and my aim is to help you find a visual style that speaks for your brand!

Really tho, how much of the world is communicated visually to us daily? It is estimated that an average person is subjected to ~5000 ads a day without even realizing it. But here's the catch, the more ads we see the less effective they become. This is where the power of brand building comes into play.

Today we have the ability to directly communicate with our customers in a way that is no longer advertising. When branding is done right we are no longer yelling from the top of the soap box "BUY ME. BUY ME", we are now trading on the currency of time and value. We are seeing the more value we can provide to our customers the more likely they are to return and refer your products. This should be the goal of any organization today, to be "remarkable", to be talked about and to be shared. Only then we will have build a brand that goes way beyond a quick turn for profit!

I look to bring your plan, actions, and aesthetics in alignment, thus a driving force to achieve your goals, and realize your brand vision. We are not looking to get a cheap build and turn on profit, but to build a cult like following of loyal customers who will in turn share with the tribes they serve.

So follow along and hopefully you can learn a thing or two, perhaps pick up a tidbit of information along the way. And, if you need help elevating your brand to the next level, drop me a line, I love to share ideas and talk shop!

- Max Goodwin

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