The New Old Fashioned

Case Study

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Discovery + Brand Identity

Defining a style for a risque men's luxury product.

Owners Chase Hatala and Michael Scott reached out to me to help them develop a brand for a men's lubricant. After sitting down and having our first meeting, we all agreed that it would be best to develop a luxury product that we would be proud to get behind, following a cause that was more than just selling sex. We developed the brand from the ground up to be pioneers in men's health and wellness. After our discovery session, the brand began to form naturally and we were all ecstatic with the outcomes.

The New Old Fashioned is an innovative men's health and sexual wellness company. We are committed to creating innovative products that enhance the pleasure of men and their partners. We are pioneers that look to redefine masculinity and have open conversations around men's pleasure and well-being. We are committed to promoting healthy sexual conversations, using the cleanest ingredients with responsible packaging, and maintaining the highest standards to help men explore their sexuality and promote better well being.


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